Looks like I’m already failing at this whole “New Years Resolution” thing.  But it’s still January, and I’ll give myself infinite chances :).  I am officially in WEEK 3 of NPC Figure Prep, with my first show being March 26 followed by two more shows in April (One will be a natural show which I’m super excited about).


Current Stats: 5’8″, 166lbs*, 21.4% body fat

Goals: 145lbs*, 10% body fat

*Start of prep, I weighed 170lb, 10lb heavier than I’ve ever been (I put on a good amount of muscle in the off-season)

Macros have dropped from 170P/ 250C/ 63 F to…  172P/258C/ 43 F (Fat has significantly lowered)



M: Legs

T: Back, ABS

W: Chest/Arms

Th: Run (Running Disney Princess 10K in February), Shoulders, ABS

Friday: Legs

Weekend: One clean-up day and one off day, usually cardio

Keeping it easy and simple as of right now, may need to adjust some things as the weeks go on.  I’ve been using avatarnutrition.com to calculate my macros, it also adjusts your macros in correlation with your weekly progress which I think is kind of cool.  (Not sponsored in any way, lol)

For more of my day-to-day progress, follow me on Instagram @michelleberhart.  Considering making a new page just for this but that also in the works 😉




It’s apparent I haven’t posted in a while.  Oops.

Anyway, I’ve been training harder than I ever have and to me that only means one thing: I AM COMPETING IN ANOTHER SHOW! 

After careful consideration, I have chosen AUGUST 15 as the show date, which means it is 9 weeks, 4 days from today! I am going to use this blog to help keep my moral up, keep me motivated, and hopefully find some supporters along the way! Throughout the next 9.5 weeks I will share my workouts, diet recipes, pictures (lots of pictures), and pretty much everything. I have also decided to do this show without a coach.  This is to test my knowledge, experiment with my body, and really see how far I can push myself. Of course, I will have friends pushing me along the way training with me and helping me with my diet, etc.  But, heck, why not do it while I’m young!?  I had a friend take pictures today and those are below.  I am also posting my workout split and current macros!

9.5 weeks progress pic

 If you have insight, hook it up.  If you have questions, PLEASE ask.  If you just want to say hi, definitely do


workout split

For my DIET, I will be following an IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) Approach.  I have a pretty fast metabolism and I work out a lot so here is my breakdown FOR NOW (it will change as I get closer to the show)

2178kcal= 250c (~46%), 62f(~26%), 155p (~29%)

I am currently 5’8″ and 155lbs, 21% bodyfat


1. I am aiming to lose ~10lbs of fat (Stage weight- 145lbs) and lose +5% bodyfat. As long as I stay consistent with my diet and tweak as I go, I think I will be fine.

2. Bigger, leaner quads and legs.  Legs have always been my trouble spot.  It’s where I hold most of my fat and the least of my muscle. #Genetics.  During my last show, I did 2 hours of cardio a day. I am afraid that contributed to my lack of leg growth.  This time I am incorporating 2x 30 minute HIIT sessions a week (mostly treadmill work) and 1x 30-45 steady state cardio (going to try to do stairs more, incline walking, and a little running because I love it).  I am also doing legs twice a week and lots o’ booty!

3. Have fun!!! I had a great time my last prep, especially after seeing the end result.  However, I felt like I was always hungry and was always on the treadmill.  It’s not awesome.  I want this DIET/ WORKOUT PARTY to be a blast and I want to share that here!

I’ll be posting pics and workouts throughout the upcoming weeks.  I am also thinking about either making a new instagram account or adding this stuff to my personal account.  Any suggestions? I’m so freaking excited about this I can’t even begin to explain it (I guess I did above, but whatev)!!

Thanks for reading!!! 🙂